Leyland P76 Owners 2018

Leyland P76 Engines

V8 - 4.4 litre & Straight Six - 2.6 litre

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V8 4.4 Litre
Six 2.6 Litre

Experimential Block (p8) Heater bypass Engine Scraper Liners (Discussion)
Engine Weight Rocker Covers 350 crank Engine Modifications V8 verses Six Engine Information

Carby V8

E6 Engine

Carby Six



Starter Motors


Sump and Oil systems

Odds and ends

Timing Chain Q & A Thoughts on Reconditioning and Engine Colours of Leyland Six motors Six is so much fun (Valves) Engine oil changes
Q & A Engine colour Q & A Auto choke pipe Engines in Range Rovers Overcoming heating problems [leylandp76] Dyno test - Reconditioned Engine
Gasket Set Info Retrospec of NSW Sporting P76 Club
engine mods

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