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Official Leyland P76 Information

Only car Leyland produced in either Australia or the UK which was directly badged “Leyland” by Barry for National Magazine 2003
Wheels "Car of the Year"
Hal's book on Round Australia Trials
The new revised edition is available from Hal
Zoom Magazine article on Garth's car
Hals Moloney's book "Leyland P76"
Motor Manual Aug 1973
Modem Motor Force 7 Product Test
Article on the Force 7, Sedan and Wagon
Boot full of right Arms
Force 7 Modern Motors March 73
Targa Article
Wheels 1973
Wheels August 1973
"Big 4 showdown" Wheels September 1973
Car Driver September 1973
Force 7 article in Racing Car
Trophy used by Fairfax newspaper "The P76 Award" (worst performing companies)
Leyland Papers - Last section to do with the Marina (code ADO F28)
Western Australia advertisement
Evolution of the P76
The Super Car could have been
Pearson Education Australia Chapter 22
Issue 5 21st June 2002 By Jeff Whitten
Total Need for Speed
Leyland P76 advertisement in Hamlyn's Holiday Atlas of Australia
Leyland P76 card
Leyland's Australian V6 Experiment
Street heat
World Motor Sport - by Evan Green
Review by Damien Haas
Racing Car News May 1974
Street & Custom Jan/Feb 1989
Australian Classic Car May 2005

Year 2004

Classic and Sports Car - UK
Article on the Force 7
Repco Round Australia Trial
Article from the Belefast Telegraph 2006
Wheel Spirit of 76


Article from the Daily Telegraph 6th July 2007
Restored Car # 185


TMR The ReMcCoy on the Leyland P76
Gavin Farmer new book on the history of the P76


Zoo Weekly
Norm Julian from Orange has his Targa featured in the Zoo Publication

Other Links of interest

ABC Canberra
Link to some of ABC Audio sites
Link to Sunday Sunrise Warren Report
10 P76 Commandments
Transcripts to Episode 6 "Loser Cars" on ABC Names like Zeta, P76 and Summit
Hal and the film "The Jindabyne"
Leyland P76 Options Leyland "Targa Florio" Leyland Press Releases Modern Motors July 1973Leyland Australia Advertising in Magazines
List of 55 Articles for : Leyland Brochure 1 Brochure 2
Brochure 3 Brochure 4 Brochure 5
Brochure 6 Brochure 7 Breakdown of Section of P76
Drag Car   Stationwagon P76 Trim Book

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