Leyland P76 Owners 2007

Station Wagon

Only 2 of these machine are known to exist.
Three were known to leave the factory at Zetland.
Ford Australia used one to do testing for their range of cars and was destroyed.
Another is owned by an enthusiast in Sydney.
The other location is unknown.
The car is based on the P76 chassis and running gear. This car was about to be brought into production with the testing finished.
Leyland Australia was shut down before the car could be released.

Article from Wheels Magazine

Wheels report
This car is being rebuilt by an enthusiast in Sydney for the Easter 2008 Nationals in Geelong.

Replica Wagons

NV Green wagon

This car has been owned by quite a number of leyland enthiusiast since its conception in Victoria in the early 1980's. The has returned to Victoria in a private collection, early 2007
Replica Wagon
Replica wagon story

NV Green model made up using a Ford tailgate and rear truants on a P76 sedan body.

Another view of the rear where you can see how the P76 boot skin has been place over the Ford door and has electric window.

White wagon

This car is in South Australia
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