Leyland Force 7 Owners

Leyland Australia

Force 7 V Coupe

Original concept by Michelloti Italy.

Drawing of the Force 7
Only 10 of these machine are known to exist.
The shutting of the Leyland Zetland plant in Sydney saw the demishes of this car.
The car below was sent to the Leyland UK for testing.
This car has since been bought from the UK owner David Morton and resides in New Zealand.
Approx cost as of end 2006 is 25,000 Pound

New Zealand car

Another car the Force 7 Nutmeg car is to be found in a Birdwood Mill Museum (South Australia).
The car is still owned by Leyland who ever they are and is on Public Display.

Birdwood Mill Museum

Force 7V at All British Day 1998

Force 7V at Birdwood Mill 1997
with "the Rose of the SA Club" Jo-anne being temptered next to this dream car

Eight privately owned.

Petty family in Perth

The Home on the Range Force 7 belongs to the Petty family of Perth, the original owners of the car who purchased it from the auction back in 1975.
This car has Imperial Leather interior and is a 4 speed manual, this is also the car that appeared on the cover of the August 1974 Wheels Magazine
with the famous scoop photographs with it appearing on the back of a trailer.

Three Force 7's, the "NV Green Force" was owned at the time by Graham R but is now owned by Richard W (brother of Warrewyk), the "Bold as Brass" is owned by Dave N and the "Home on the Range" is Joe G.
Joe G car has been seen in the Beer Ad
Another "NV Green" is now in Greece and owned by Harry Z.

Western Australia Car Museum

This white Force 7V can be seen in the privately run auto museum in Western Australia (Perth Motor Muusem)

The WA Club has been granted use by the owners family to take this car out on Club activities.

Another WA car

The late Eric Petty with his Home on th' Orange Force 7V (Imperial Leather interior) at a P76 Club Display at the Perth Causeway in July 1982.
Eric purchased this car at the auction in September 1975.
By coincidence, it was the same Force 7V that had toured the Leyland dealers in WA in 1975 before being returned to Sydney for the auction.


This "Home on the range" was owned by Frank C in Northern NSW but was sold recently to a Victorian collector
Yellow Force 7 V
The "Bold as Brass" Force 7 was owned by Warrwick W but was sold to another collector in central western Victoria.

Media Coverage

Wheels article Aug 1974

Wheels mag front page
Front page from the Wheels Magazine

Other articles

Selection of Magazine tittles to follow up.


National Meeting 1998 at Kurri Kurri NSW.

Force 7 V at Coffs Harbour June 1999

Two Force 7 's in South Australia
Picture sent in by John Ernst (thanks very much)
The following pictures can be found at Warrewyk home page
Notice the aera available in the back

Auction Brochure

Sales broucher from the Auction of the Force 7 cars in Sydney
Greg Lunney
Force 7 update

Technical Specifications

Glove box Manual

The car is based on the P76 chassis and running gear.
This car was about to be brought into production when Leyland Australia was shut down.
Glove box manual are still available.

Styling redesign thoughts

As the Force 7 has been in limited numbers, the owners have kept them original.
So to the major who would like one some have suggested changes to the design

Force 7's at the Brisbane Ekka 1990

Photos from Sal of two force 7s visiting the Ekka in Brisbane.
How I came about these photos was that I was in Wild Chrystal at Aspley Brisbane doing a Westpac job when Sal approach me to say he had only seen the P76 from a distance.
He went on to say that he was at the Ekka and saw the Force 7s.
Sal then said as he been going to auto shows he had taken photos of these cars.
Sal said he would give me a copy of the photos, and these are they.

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