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June 2012

Disassembly of electric Solara front seats, modification, to make seats look more like P76, painting of plastic parts, retrimming in new custom made "Antique Parchment" vinyl
BMW cloth and reassembly plus retrimming back seat to match
Plus all new insulation and new carpet plus new parcel shelf designed to accept 6x9 speakers and inertia reel seat belts and trimmed to match plus new roof insulation and roof lining and centre console retrim = $xx Errrrrrr
This doesn't include my time modifying seat mounts to suit P76 (in case I want to switch back to originals) and wiring, etc.
Trying to find someone to paint the car is a joke as now I'm told these P76's are fetching big money therefore paint job between $20 and $30k.
Ciao 4 now


Late 2007

The following vehicles except the Corvette have all been sold to a collector in Victoria

Waz's life before the sale in early 2007

Sydney Australia

Progress with the replica wagon article in the Leylines Mag (Nov 2006)

The Bitter Apricot car pics I sent you are of the 2nd last P76 built - number 19006.
It was a fully optioned Exec with Parchment Interior and black carpet, (carpet colour according to the previous owner). When I bought the car it was little more than a shell - a non rolling one at that as the cross member had been ripped out on the driver's side, apparently due to the owner hitting a gutter and also shattering the front
14x8 inch Centreline mag.
There are a million stories to this car but basically I rebuilt over Dec 2001 - Mar 2002 for the Easter Meet in Perth.
This is the car that I drove from Perth to Sydney, solo, in just under 46 hours.
While in Perth it was christened the General P'.

These pics are of War Zone which started life as a country cream T-Bar Super with Casino Blue interior.
I was the 13th owner of this vehicle when I bought it in 1987 and it had been through some changes then.
One day I might try and put it back to the original colour scheme and interior.
But for now it's undercoat grey with black interior and a 4 speed.
It was the first Super produced in August 1973.
This was the car Carmel and I drove to Perth for the 89 National meet and also made the Alice Springs to Erldunda run of 202kms in 64 minutes.
The pics were taken on Birdsville Track, 1990.

The Targa Florio I purchased from the original owner around 1994. It is the earliest Targa known and may even be the first Targa Florio off the production line. It has the usual Targa features but no airconditioning.

Plus a bonus Force 7 shot taken in 1975 at the front of the Zetland Plant before the auction! The yellow car is the Force I currently own.

The drawing was off some Leyland design spec's, I've still got them somewhere in my archives with the P76 & Kimberly ones (I think - I hope).

Family cars

Melbourne 1990 on way home after buying Force in Adelaide.

My Force 7V apparently shot some time late in 1974 or early '75 when it was in the holding yard at Lelyand's Zetland plant. This would've been taken when there were a lot more than 10 Force 7's around, even though most were incomplete.

Family cars

My kids loved the pictures on the web site but wanted the Corvette on there too. I told them this was a Leyland site but they reckon I should send you a clearer picture of the Cappuccino Chupa Chup (as the Vette is known) since it's in one of the pictures anyway.

For your information the Corvette is a 1981 Beige/Dark Metallic Bronze two-tone, 350ci, automatic. The paint and interior are original aside from the RHD conversion.

Some fakes

The convertible Force is a fake I did about a year ago.

The Force promo is also a fake but using actual Leyland material.

Waz family trip to Western Australia

The Williams family in W.A. at Easter, with a "ring in" Leonard.

West Australian article on the weekend of National Meet W.A.

Second Last P76

This is believed to be the second last P76 off the production line.

The Williams car - the Sothern Cross on the roof and P76 on the side,

Notice the dash in the car, I was informed that the green light was to be incorporated in the dash on the next generation of car for the rear window demister.

Notice how the car has had the Force 7 rear seat added to allow the boot area to be extended.

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