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Replacing the P76 V8 motor and Electronic Ignition


Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003
A couple of questions, first one if I wanted to put a new engine in our P76 (4.4 V8) because it is no longer working good what type of engine would fit if I couldn't get hold of another 4.4 V8, you know
like a ford or something. Our engine is OK.
Secondly I would like to replace the dizzy in our P76 with an electronic one which is the best after market one if one fits to use.


Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003
Contact your local auto store and as for a Crane XR700
electronic ignition kit this will bolt staight in with a minimal
amount of fuss even the least mechanical/electrical minded person could fit it don't allow any more than about 15 minutes or you have no hope
regards andrew
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003
The 4 solutions for the dizzy that I have seen are:
1/ Fit the internals from a Valiant dizzy connected to a Sigma box, as per the P76 web site: http://www.leylandp76.com/
Problems- Hard to find Valiant bits.
Advantages- Can be done very cheaply if you scrounge the parts.
2/ Machine a Holden WB electronic dizzy to fit.
Problems- Holden WB electronic dizzy can be expensive and have been
known to have reliability problems.
Advantages- Can be done very cheaply if you scrounge the parts and is a 1 wire connection.
3/ Modify a Rover electronic dizzy to fit.
Problems- Lord Lucas of Darkness
Advantages- Can be done very cheaply if you scrounge the parts.
4/ Jaycar Electronics Kits
Problems- Soldering skills needed.
Advantages- 2 Programmable dwell curves available for LPG/Petrol or

Some thoughts on replacing a P76 V8.

- Check the Range Rover forum http://www.rangerovers.net/forum/ An EFI Holden 5 litre motor seems to be the most popular, however the extra weight is an issue.
- I have seen a 350ci Chev V8 fitted to a P76. Fuel Economy was very poor and again the extra weight is an issue.
- I have talked to people who have fited, or tried to fit, the Lexus V8 motor into their project vehicles.
The motor can be found cheaply if you look hard enough, but by the time you get it fitted in your engine bay and running, the project ends up expensive.
- Good secondhand P76 motors can still be found. Check the Trading Post.
A lot of motors have been put into smaller cars ( someting to do with the excellent power to weight ratio) and have then had accidents in the hands of inexperienced drivers.
Recently I have bought:
a V8 motor and Celica 5 speed that was in a Celica that had been rolled.
a V8 motor and Supra 5 speed that was in a Peugeot 504 sedan that had been backed into something at speed.
I not only got the motors but a lot of other goodies as well.
The P76 V8 has been, and still is, considered very good for repowering other cars, 4wds, boats, and even aeroplanes.
If you are after some more horsepower the motor responds well to a Willpower 4 barrel manifold and a good set of extractors.
So the question is: why would you want to replace it with something else?
Chris Ryan

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003
Further to replacing a P76 motor with something else, check this reply to a similiar question about a Range Rover:
--Previous Message--
Has anyone re-powered their RR with a Holden V8?
If so, what sort of problems did you encounter and was it a much cheaper option?
It would appear that to buy a holden v8 is going to cost less than a
larger Rover v8 but I'm not sure of what 'hidden' costs would be involved when doing this conversion e.g. radiators, electrics a/c p/s etc.
Is there a site on the web somewhere that can explain these conversions.
I have repowered my rangie with a vt 5 litre blew the budget big time
even though I did the install myself and only had others do the exhaust and wire the computer up. the engine was new and then i had to buy all the ancilleries total cost around $10,000 and almost a divorce if i had to do it again i would rebuild the rover motor and supercharge it.

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003
Exactly, Buick tried to buy the motor back from Rover but they knew they were on to a good thing and wouldnt be in it
I've heard of holden sixes and chrysler 318 v8's put in....our own Greg Varveris in the vic. club has a 350 chevy in his modified blue car which has a fair bit of go.....
but replacing aluminium with iron is definitely a backward step on both power to weight ratio and handling stakes.
Second hand motors are around the place, I think I have one in the garage ..........

Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003
Why would you ever want to replace one of the best motors in the world with an inferior one, parts are readily available and relatively inexpensive, complete rebuilt motors can be had from about $3400 to $5000 for an enhanced one.
The Toyota Lexus V8 is about the only worthwhile replacement but it will cost a lot more money!
How good is your P76?
Electronic ignition is very easy, Scorcher in Melbourne do a very nice dizzy, there are other kits available and the Rover one can be easily > modified to fit.

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