Leyland P76 Owners 2005

Decals for P76

Reproduced P76 Decals and Stickers

Supplied by Victorian and Tassmania Owners Club by Nick

Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005

Revisited Dec 2017

The set of 5 decals are now available.
Photos are .
1/ You get the "Buyer Protection Plan" double sided Windscreen decal

Buyer Protection Plan
2/ "I'm Driving the Car of the Year" Rear Window decal

I'm Driving the Car of the Year

3/ "OK Panel paint OK " Quality Engine bay decal
OK Panel paint OK

4/ "Radiator warning" Chrome decal
Radiator warning

5/ "Power Discs" Auto Brake pedal decal

(From a used car)

Group of the decals

Costs will be as follows
1 set $35.00 each Plus Postage
3 to 9 sets $30.00 each/set Plus Postage
10 sets $30.00 each/set with Free Overnight airbag to your adress
Correct placement letter and measurements are included with each set but as I have seen assembly line workers sometimes put these where they liked.
I have used orignal decal measurements that were on 2 of my cars from new.
Payment methods.
The quickest and safest way is a direct deposit into my Bank accountCommonwealth BSB 06 7000 ACC no 00685400 Nick Kounelis.
I will accept personal cheques made out to me but there will be a
delay while the funds are cleared. Club cheques welcome!
On direct deposits via Net banking just put your name or send me an
email to fsank@hotmail.com with a quick email giving the netbank recepit number, then I will send the decals that day.
I have printed up 50 sets of each but my payment up front for these means that i have the negative images so can arrange for more in the future.
Thanks to people like Hal Moloney, James Mentiplay and David Walters for accurate measurements and assistance in this reproduction.
These items should help finalise the restoration of many cars to "As left the Factory" state, and I am extremely pleased with the artwork and quality.
Regards Nick Kounelis (Pvt) or Nick Kounelis Work

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