Leyland P76 Owners 2006

G Pendlebury & Co Pty Ltd.

Reconditioned Automotive componets

Speciality Ring Gear

I am contacting you because of your involvement in cars to inform you of a service I offer to mainly older car owners. I have for the last 40 years reconditioned motor vehicle components however there is one repair that people really appreciate and very few people know that any one performs as a service to the old car trade.
I build up the teeth on worn drive plates and starter ring gears, once built up I then cut them back to the original profile of the teeth. It is sometimes difficult to obtain certain ring gears and also some are extremely expensive even if they are available.
I realise that this is not something that you require every day however when you do have a situation that needs addressing you will be pleased you know where it can be done.
I have repaired hundreds over the years from Rols Royces to underground mining machines, outboard motors, ride on lawn mowers and every type in between. I also repair cracked drive plates for automatics.
I also recondition the Holden Hydramatic Damper plates as well.
I offer a quick turnaround and guaranteed satisfaction. My business years ago was reclaiming automatic transmission components and now that I have scaled my business down I still repair many damaged parts in my fully equipped machine shop in the Blue Mountains now that I have semi retired.
I also sell old auto steel advertising signs for all the old models size is 600mm x 400mm.
Gordon Pendlebury.
G Pendlebury & Co Pty Ltd.
02 47544634 or 0411391677
or email gpendlebury@pnc.com.au
Please give me a call if you have a component to repair.
There are fewer and fewer machine shops that are interested in repairing anything these days.

Review the pdf icon.Leyland P76 Spare Parts guide (1991) (700kb)
Review the pdf icon.Leyland P76 Spare Parts guide Old (from Damien ACT) (2300kb)
Review the pdf icon.Leyland P76 Spare Parts guide Ver 6 (from Damien ACT) (193K)
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