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From: Adrian
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Cc: Adrian P76,Spencer
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 4:45 PM
Subject: Problem with the type of shocks available for Leyland P76 rears
Good afternoon,
On behalf of the Leyland P76 owners I am seek assurance from your company that the shock absorbers that are list by your company (pedders brand ) will not damage the rear suspension of our cars. You will note that a concern member and owner has suggested the following
"Despite assurances from people on this site who have been dealing with Pedders, Pedders still list (and sell) Rear HQ Holden Shocks for the P76.
These shocks do not compress enoughand will damage your car.
The only rear Holden Shock they no longer list for the P76 is their Air Shocks.
The culprate part numbers are:
3303 3303 Touring Black Gas Shock
8003 8003 Comfort Gas Shock
9034 GSR9034 Gas Sports Ryder
All of the above are Holden HQ Rear Shocks NOT P76 and simply should not be fitted to a P76!"
"Please find photos of the 8003 8003 Comfort Gas compared to a standard P76 you will see it doesn't compress enough by several centimeters it
also expands beyond the normal P76 range meaning that it will not act as a King Pin when required.
The correct shock which also has enough capacity to cope with the angle of the Leyland is Pedders GSR 9192 D 0900023 these are fair dinkum shocks while it still does not compress completely to the right depth is will allow you to shim the bump stop far enough to take up the compression of the suspension.
Put these on the car and you will loose all the axle tramp associated with corrugations and cornering."
Would you be able to clarify this please?
Adrian Spencer
Leyland P76 Owners Club of Qld Inc.
Hi Adrian,
Thanks for your enquiry and sorry for the delay in replying.
We have been investigating the issue on your behalf and have made some changes to our catalogue as per the information supplied by our RD dept. (See Below)
The 9192 product will be the only shock listed for the P76 from today onward as per your members suggestion.
Scott Prior
Pedders Suspension
Melbourne Victoria
Straight advice. Specialists you understand and.... NO BULL!
Hi Scott,
Now that I've finally got out of archives, gee it's dusty up there, I can give you some better info on P76 rear shocks.
I recall from when I was a lad that often there was a variation in the OEM Armstrong shock and that our reco shock Part number 106 was often rejected as too short.
Unfortunately most could only be reconditioned once as the roll over method used to close the shocks reduced the body length and then the extended length became an issue.
The correct length that I can ascertain from the archives says the shock should be 275 compressed and 440 extended.
Some very early Holden's were 293 and 484 which I know never presented a problem.
The 9192 you also asked me to check is 287/467 which makes sense considering the early Armstrong issues of the unit being slightly short.
The owner installer would have to be careful to include the ferrule for the lower mounting bolt as 9192 does not have this.
The 8003 etc scenario is also correct as it's a revision of lengths over many years and it's obviously now not the way to go.
I think we should delete all part numbers and catalogue 9192 only.
The only problem is that this is quite a bit more costly than the a 3000/8000/9000.
Hope this helps,

Try their web site for more information.
For a quick link to the P76 section
Pedders will also supply the bushes and also fix steering racks

If you have any issues with the Pedder brand or need technical assist contact Pedders pedsales@pedders.com.au

Leyland P76

Front Shocks

8730 8730 Comfort Gas Cartridge

Front Spring Standard

7195 7195 Heavy Duty Coil Spring

Rear Shock

9192 GSR9192 Gas Sports Ryder

Rear Spring Standard

7196 7196 Heavy Duty Coil Spring

Rear Polyair



Outer Tie Rod End

PTE179R Pedders Tie_Rod End

Radius Rod Bush


Rear Shock

8025 8025 Comfort Gas Shock EP148 Urethane Shock Bush EP198 Urethane Swaybar_Link Bush

Rear Shackle Upper Bushes

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