Comments from the British Leyland Motor Corporation Press release 26th ,June 1973

Peter North

Managing Director of Leyland Australia.

"P76 is the first Australian produced car in which the design parameters and execution have been established and carried through totally by an Australian company.
Although it is in the main stream of Australian automotive design and will provide strong competition for the American owned companies which currently dominate our market, we believe that P76 goes several steps further.
In particular we think the Australian customer is going to appreciate the fact that this new model has European rather than American standards of handling.
Priced from $A 3250 to $A 4525 the cars will be in three versions.
Deluxe, Super and Executive whilst other derivatives (Force 7, Stationwagon and Targa Florio) will follow during the next 12 months.
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Last Car off production line - Executive

Targa Florio

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