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A no-profit association of some hundreds of former employees and interested persons whose mission is to preserve the heritage of BMC-Leyland Australia and its associated companies as a significant part of Australia's automotive manufacturing history.

2008 Luncheon

North Ryde


Kay DeLuca and Hal

Guest speaker Malcolm Brooks "Gosford dealership owner" speaking on the Redex and Mobile rallys.

The main speaker was Malcolm Brooks from Point Fredrick near Gosford.
Malcolm was Lord Mayor of the Gosford Shire for many years until last year.
Malcolm finished 3rd outright in a Vanguard in the 1955 REDeX Trial
He also won his class in the '56 & '58 Mobilgas Trials.
Malcolm led the '58 Ampol Trial until 2nd last day when a private motorist jackniffed a car and trailer in the mud near Apollo Bay stopping Malcolm from getting through.
He flies his own plane as does his wife Trish.
He did own Regal Motors at Gosford, which was firstly a Standard (Vanguard) then a leyland dealership.
He sold the P76 when they were new.
Malcom also navigated for myself (P76) in the Ampol rerun two years ago.
Our family purchased an Austin Kimberley from Regal Motors but did not meet Malcolm until many years later,
Attached photo is of Malcolm and his Nav Frank Tate at the start of the '58 Ampol.

Kay receiving flowers for the great job of organising the venue.

Roof top display

Quardro 4 wheel drive Moke

Hand Brake Turn

The first guest speakers were from an orgainsiation set up on the Gosford region to help wayward youth by offering trade guidance.

Model pedal car built by the first speaker and being raffled for raising moneys for the Hand Brake Turn organisation (Not for Profit)

The cars above are both pedaland go-kart 1/2 scale models.

Raffles & Display information

Gosford guests

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